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Creeper Lagoon - Long Dry Cold
The last record from Creeper Lagoon. Unbelievably good. Better then that even. Even Pitchfork liked it.

Creeper Lagoon - Remember The Future
Originally released on Arena Rock Records in December of 2002
"It's Creeper Lagoon's most satisfying offering yet, and if it's any indication of what's to come, the future will indeed be worth remembering." - Rolling Stone
"A perfect mesh of melody and heartbreak" - Billboard
This EP is also featured in the award winning film "Dandelion"

Sly Doc - Sly Doc

Originally released in July of 2000, this little gem was overlooked thanks to an indie label that went bellyup within days of it's debut. Anonymously featuring Creeper Lagoon founder Sharky Laguana, this compendium of jazz samples, programmed beats, and assorted electronica is a slice of pizza in a world gone mad.